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141. Kushan Empire. Vasu Deva, c. AD 191-230. AV Stater (22mm, 7.76g). King standing, holding trident and sacrificing over altar. / Siva and bull. Kultaa / guld / gold. Encrustations on obverse, small scratches 1-1+ (F-VF)
minimihinta: 350 €
myyty: 440 €
142. Kingdom of Thrace. Lysimakhos, 323-281 BC. AR Tetradrachm (28mm, 17g). Diademed head of Alexander the Great with Ammon's horn r. / ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΛΥΣΙΜΑΧΟΥ, enthroned and helmeted Athena holding Victory and spear while resting elbow on shield decorated with lion's head, monogram to left and on throne. Pierced 1-1+ (F-VF)
minimihinta: 60 €
myyty: 70 €
143. Attica, Athens 449-404 BC. AR tetradrachm (24mm, 17.1g). Head of Athena wearing crested and olive-leave decorated helmet r. / ΑΘΕ, owl head facing, olive sprig and crescent behind. 1+ (VF)
minimihinta: 250 €
myyty: 460 €
144. Seleucid Kingdom. Antiochos VII Euergetes, 138-129 BC. AR Tetradrachm (27mm, 15.7g). Diademed head of the king. / ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΑΝΤΙΟXΟΥ ΕΥΕΡΓΕΤΟΥ, Athena holding small Nike, spear and shield, letters T-Λ, monogram to left. Test cut 1 (F)
minimihinta: 50 €
myyty: 60 €
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145. Hadrian, AD 117-138. AE As (24mm, 7.7g) Rome or Antioch, AD 125-128, for circulation in Syria. HADRIANVS AVGVSTVS, laureate and draped bust r. / COS III, lyre between S-C. RIC 684. S 3699. 1-1+ (F-VF)
minimihinta: 50 €
146. Julia Domna, wife of Septimius Severus, d. AD 217. AR denarius (18mm, 3.5g) Rome, AD 209. IVLIA AVGVSTA, draped bust. / IVNO, goddess Juno holding patera and sceptre, peacock at feet. RIC 559, S 6588. 1+/1-1+ (VF/F-VF)
minimihinta: 40 €
147. Severus Alexander, AD 222-235. AR Denarius (21mm, 3.7g) Rome, AD 232. IMP ALEXANDER PIVS AVG, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust r. / IOVI PROPVGNATORI, Jupiter walking left, brandishing thunderbolt and holding eagle. RIC 238. S 7871. 1++ (VF+)
minimihinta: 50 €
148. Severus Alexander, AD 222-235. Seleucis and Pieria, Antioch. Provincial AE (32mm, 20g). AVT KAI MAP AVP CEO AΛEΞANΔPOC CE, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust r. / ANTIOXEΩN MHT KO, Tyche seated on rocks l.,  Δ – E and S – C across field, above ram running l., below river god Orontes swimming l. SNG Munich 742-3 var. Ex Leu Numismatik, web auction 7 (23.2.2019), lot no 919.  1 (F)
minimihinta: 40 €
149. Constantius II, AD 337-361. AR Siliqua (19mm, 1.9g) Sirmium, AD 355-361. D N CONSTANTIVS PF AVG, cuirassed and draped bust with pearl diadem. / VOTIS XXX MVLTIS XXXX within laurel wreath, exergue SIRM. RIC 66. Ex Lanz Numismatik, Munich Dec 2012, auction 155, lot 712. Small flan crack 1+ (VF)
minimihinta: 150 €
150. Valens, AD 364-378. AR siliqua (18mm, 1.8g) Lugdunum, AD 364-367. D N VALENS P F AVG, draped and cuirassed bust with pearl-diadem r. / RESTITVTOR REI P, emperor holding labarum (chi-rho symbol) and Victory on globe, below mintmark PLVG. RIC 6f. Ex East Harptree hoard. (The East Harptree hoard was discovered near Bristol in 1887 and published by John Evans in 1888 in the Numismatic Chronicle, pp. 22-46. After the hoard was examined at the British Museum it was returned to its owner Mr. W. Kettlewell and finally dispersed in 2016 by auctioneers Spink & Son.) Nice dark patina 1+ (VF)
minimihinta: 250 €
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151. Group of Roman imperial silver coins (denarii and antoniniani) from the 2nd and 3rd centuries: Antoninus Pius, Faustina I, Septimius Severus, Caracalla, Elagabalus, Gordian III, Philip I, Valerian, Salonina. In total 9 pcs. 1?-1 (VG-F)
minimihinta: 100 €
myyty: 140 €
152. Group of Roman Imperial asses and dupondi from 1st and 2nd century AD: Augustus, Tiberius, Vespasian (2x), Antoninus Pius. In total 5 pcs. 1?-1 (VG-F)
minimihinta: 50 €
myyty: 70 €
153. Group of late Roman bronze coins. In total 18 pcs. 1?-1 (VG-F)
minimihinta: 60 €
myyty: 80 €
154. Group lot: Roman imperial and provincial bronze coins, Byzantine folles. In total c. 20 pcs. Additionally included 8 modern silver coins, among other Lithuania 1 Litas 1925, Mexico 8 Reales 1816, Peru 1 Sol 1871, Sweden 1 öre 1668. 2-1+ (G-VF)
minimihinta: 70 €
myyty: 140 €